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Railway Transportation Management

Established in 1934; used to be named "Railway Operation Department". The first Chief (Dean) E.I. Safragan, Candidate of Sciences, Assistant Professor. The first 74 military engineers graduated in 1938. The faculty has had the name "Railway Transportation Management" since 1983.

Faculty Today

• 200 first year students
• 850 full-time students
• 7 specialist classrooms and laboratories

The faculty has three laboratories equipped with up-to-date devices: "Train operation", "Automation, Telemechanics and Communication" and "Refrigeration".

The Train Operation laboratory is a simulated unified dispatch control centre comprising two dispatch circles with five stations in each and a room with station train operators' simulators functioning on the basis of information technologies with the automatic running of train operation schedule.

The students are qualified as engineers in two majors:

• Railway Transportation and Management
• Technological processes and production safety

Main research-and-production trends:

• Improving job technologies and technical facilities of railway stations and junction
• Optimizing job technologies and improving technical facilities of sorting stations
• Railway stations rearranging and developing
• Working out regulations for dangerous freight transportation

The faculty comprises six departments:

• Track Maintenance Management
• Freight Operation and Rolling Stock
• Railway Stations and Junctions
• Philosophy
• Physical Training and Sport Activities
• Life Safety

The teaching staff includes 50 skilled specialists; over 50% of teachers have scientific degrees and ranks: five Doctors of Sciences, Professors; 29 Candidate of Sciences, Assistant Professors.

The faculty has trained over 8,000 engineers.
Among the graduates are N.E. Aksenenko and V.I. Starostenko, Railway Transport Ministers; F.I. Shuleshko, V.N. Ginko, V.P. Kalinichevand A.V Tselko, Deputy Ministers; G.I. Tetersky, I.E. Trubnikov, V.B. Nikolayev, V.M. Skvortsov, A.K. Borodach, V.M. Koryachkin, G.Ya. Pisarev, A.S. Levchenko, NT. Solodky, V.N. Reymerov, G.N. Dadochkin and M.V Vasiliev, Chiefs of Railways; chief executive officers of Transport Ministry Departments, deputy heads of railways and heads of subdivisions.

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