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Vice-rector on international connections,
professor Vladimir Nekhoroshkov

Tel./fax: (383) 226-38-23
Head of Department of International Relations
Mrs. Chikinova Marina
Please feel free to contact Department of International Relations of STU
by phone: (383) 328-03-53,
via fax: (383) 226-79-78,

Department of International Relations was established in 2002. Currently it coordinates international educational and research activities of the University. Department of International Relations of STU always helps foreign students with their study, accommodation and cultural life.

In 1992 the University enrolled foreign students for the first time. The University has recently become internationally famous: students and trainees from European and Asian countries come here to take academic courses. The Universitys reputation is especially high in the East-Asian countries: the Korean Peoples Democratic Republic, the Republic of Korea, Mongolia, the Chinese Peoples Republic and Japan.

STU has wide experience of training of foreign students. The amount of foreign students at STU increases from year to year. Today more than 140 foreign students and trainees study at our University: students from the Republic of Korea, Mongolia, the Peoples Republic of China, Japan, Republic of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Armenia and Uzbekistan and so on.

Department of International Relations of STU always helps foreign students with their study, accommodation and cultural life. The big attention is given to educational work with foreign students. Annually in STU carry out the Day of East in which foreign students actively participate. Students from DPRK actively participate in interuniversity olympiads, city and All-Russia Olympiads, and generally take the first places on such disciplines as Higher mathematics, Resistance of materials, Theoretical mechanics.

Fields of Cooperation
■ Enrollment of foreign students to different faculties of the University
■ Enrollment of foreign post-graduate students
■ Foreign/Russian Language training for foreign students and lecturers
■ Internship for foreign students and post-graduate students in their majors
■ Exchanges of student, employee and lecturer delegations
International conferences and symposiums

Geography of Cooperation

The University collaborates with training and educational institutions, research institutes as well as with manufacturing plants of European and Asian countries.

Since 2000 the University has been developing international relations with East-Asian countries such as Japan, the Republic of Korea, Korean People's Democratic Republic, China, Mongolia, Vietnam and Thailand.

The Siberian Transport University cooperates with higher education institutions of many countries. Agreements on cooperation have been signed and regular fruitful cooperation has been maintained with Hokkai-Gakuen University (Sapporo, Japan), Korean National College of Railway Transport, Korean Railway Research Institute, Dongseo Korean University (the Republic of Korea) and Pyongyang Railway University (KPDR), Beijing Transport University, Changchun University, Dalian Jiaotong University, Shenyang Ligong University, Qingdao Binhai University (China).