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Dear friends!

The Siberian Transport University, being among the orders leading universities in Russia, is pleased to welcome you both as our guest and potential partners! Since 1932, over 60,000 specialists have graduated from the University who have made a great contribution into the development of the railway industry and Russia on the whole.

Each year the Siberian Transport University is raising its status.

2017 was very special for the staff of the University, we celebrated the 85th anniversary of the University! The glorious history of NIIT-NIIZhT-STU is memorable for the older generations of this country and is clearly reflected in the work of the University’s graduates who have laid thousands-kilometers-long railway, numerous bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure objects significant for the manufacturing industry.

Throughout eighty five years, Russia and, especially, behind-the-Urals territories have been strengthening the economic might, to a large degree, due to hard work of a big host of specialist, including the University’s graduates. Our competent teaching staff have trained 60,000 specialists and given them a start in life!

International relations have also been rapidly processing. Some European and Asian countries send their students to study here. The Siberian Transport University has been especially popular with the Republic of Korea, Mongolia, the Korean People’s Democratic Republic, China and Japan. Simultaneously, our students willingly take practical training in foreign countries.

Keeping abreast of the times, the University’s staff are developing the innovative line which is strategically significant for the whole country: use of information and science-intensive technologies in the training process, creation and introduction of modern scientific and research programmes as well as further development of the training and scientific and production facilities.

The XXI century raises the qualification standard, and our University is ready to solve any challenging and complicated problems.

Not just our doors, but our hearts as well are open for you!

Aleksey Manakov

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