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STU today

In 2017, the Siberian transport University took the 16th place among 127 engineering universities of Russia in the ranking of popular universities.
According to the order є2133 from 22.12.2017 Rosobrnadzor Siberian state University of railway engineering recognized as having passed the state accreditation of educational activities.
An educational program of the Siberian transport University "the Construction of Railways, bridges and transport tunnels" specialization "Bridges" successfully passed the international accreditation of the Association for engineering education of Russia for a period of 5 years.

Currently, the Siberian transport University is an industry educational complex.
A part of the University complex includes:
- Institute of prospective transport technologies and Professional Development. The scientific and educational base of the University allows to carry out annually retraining of more than four thousand technical workers of railway transport and other leading branches of economy,
-Institute of Complex Research of Transport Systems (part of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences),
- Novosibirsk College of railway transport and three branches of the University - in Tomsk, Novoaltaisk and Belovo, where students receive secondary vocational education in 9 specialties, and training is conducted in 64 working professions,
- 10 faculties, uniting 42 departments, where future commanders of production are trained for many regions of Russia, near and far abroad.

The University is preparing students for 55 educational programs of higher education, including 4 majors, 16 directions of bachelor's and 10 master degree programmes.

Today STU has all the facilities needed for training high skilled staff on 10 faculties:
Х Railway Transportation Management
Х Railway Construction
Х Bridges and Tunnels
Х Management of transport and technological complexes
Х Civil Engineering
Х Engineering Economics
Х International Business and Law
Х Human Resource Management
Х Information Technologies in Business
Х Distance learning

At present STU is training about 12,000 students and post-graduates.

The final stage of training is working out and submitting dissertations.

STU has highly-qualified staff. 42 departments employ 538 lecturers, of which 25 are professors and 15 are correspondent members of different academies.

The University has had a post-graduate course since 1958 and a doctor's degree course since 1994. There are 7 Doctorate and Candidate Degree Councils at SGUPS. It has a license to train post-graduates in 25 and those reading for a Doctor's degree in four majors. At present there are about 80 post-graduates and those reading for a Doctor's degree at the University.

STU has following facilities needed for training skilled staff:

Scientific Technical Library
Scientific Technical library was founded in 1932 and supporting educational, scientific and cultural work if students and employees of Siberian Transport University.

The library's structure consists of 18 departments, and there are the following among of them:
- five book-borrowing divisions: scientific literature, educational literature (with two points of service), fiction and for the external students
- seven reading rooms: humanitarian literature, technical literature, reference literature, valuable editions with Museum of books, periodicals, recent editions and general with computerized reading room.
Serving of readers in book-borrowing divisions and in the reading rooms is running in automated conditions.

Library funds

The total book fund is over 1,045,000 items, including:
-Scientific literature-302,000 items;
-Educational literature-338,000 items.
The library funds are universal. The library stores more than 4,000 rare and valuable copies, unique sets of magazines dating back to the 18th-19th centuries.
Every year library:
- serves about 15,000 readers;
- receives about 448,000 visitors;
- gives over 1,040,000 items out;
- gives over 31,000 consultations

Х Computer Equipped Classrooms
The University has over 37 computer-equipped classrooms with the Internet access to various educational programs. The number of computers available is 1,270. More than 1,000 are used in class; 700 are joined into the local network with the Internet access.

University Facilities

The University campus area is more than 130 thousand sq.m. Х Academic Blocks
- main academic block
- laboratory block
- training workshops
- Institute of Prospective Transport Technologies and Staff Retraining

Х Training Grounds
- a railway training ground equipped with a locomotive, carriages, VPRS-02 track machine; a unique stand for crash testing of the rolling stock is being created in order to test its durability and proneness to damage
- geodesic training ground

Х Student Campus
(28,713 sq.m. total)
- 4 dormitories (gyms, study rooms, furnished lounges with computers and home appliances) accommodate 2,000 students
- comfortable hotel
- health care facilities

1 Educational building є1
2 Educational building є2
3 Educational building є3
4 Educational building є4
5 Sports ground
6 House of sports
7 Swimming pool
8 Stadium
9 Court
10 Parade
11 Polyclinic
12 Repair shop
13 Canteen
14 Hostel є1
15 Hostel є2
16 Hostel є3
17 Hostel є4
18 Laboratory of bridge structures
19 Training ground
20 Training center of the STU
21 Storage facilities
22 Garage

Х Sport Facilities
- skiing centers
- a modern 25x11.4m swimming pool (6 lanes, children's aqua slide, entertainment pools and a massage room)
- a gym (a room for sports games, a wrestling room, a weight-lifting room, an exercise room)
- a stadium with the total area of 17,850 sq.m
- a mini-football field
- tracks and playgrounds
- an open-air tennis court with two playgrounds
- a complex football/volleyball/basketball playground

- gyms in dormitories and academic blocks

Х Canteens
- Food factory
- Dessert bar
- "Rossijanka" cafe
- Diet bar
- Cafe in Dormitory 4
- Cafe in the gym
- Canteen in the laboratory block

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