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Research activities

The main trend of scientific research in the University is solving problems of railway transport.

Scientific coordination of the University with railways is based on development and implementation of joint projects as well as on realization of a full series of research and development projects, which result in making finished products and introducing innovative technologies.

Scientific achievements of the University are highly acknowledged and applied in practice both in the region and beyond.

Major developments of the University are the following:
• Automated survey, analysis and track alignment system - "Navigator"
• Training simulator for employees of the hump system
• Automated information systems "Dangerous cargo" and "Removing emergencies with dangerous cargo"
• Automated control system of man-made structures
• Inseparable elastic fastening KN-65
• Technological processes, tools and equipment for rail polishing
• Information system on equipping operators' and carriage depot economists' working places
• Acoustic and emissive diagnostic system for non-destructive inspection of rolling-stock components
• Program devices for determining the rail track coordinates and geometric parameters
• Underground and waste water treatment station

Scientific Departments and Achievements

Research Promotional Certification Centre "Transgruz"
(Created in 1996 on the basis of the "Cargo Safety" research laboratory, which was established by ProsessorV.K. Beshketo, Doctor of Technical Sciences in 1965; currently headed by Professor A.M. Ostrovsky Doctor of Technical Sciences) Development of safe technologies of dangerous cargo transportation and elimination of emergency effects. Improvement of carriage load and carrying capacity as well as insurance of freight safety.

Research Engineering Centre "Puteyets"
(Established in 1989 by Professor V.B. Bredyuk, DoctorofTechnical Sciences) Development of technologies and a software system aimed at alignment work during railway maintenance and major overhaul.

Research Engineering Railway Centre
(Established in 1996 on the basis of "Bridge Structures" research laboratory which was set up in 1958 by Professor К. К. Jacobson, Doctor of Technical Sciences and at different time headed by Professors, Doctors of Technical Sciences G.M. Vlasov, V.P Ustinov, and V.M. Kruglov. Currently the Centre is headed by Prof. S.A. Bokarev, Doctor of technical Sciences)

Developing systems of control of road-bed and man-made structure technical condition.
Theoretical and experimental research of the bearing capacity of foundation soils and development of new methods of consolidating soils. Development of highly resolving electromagnetic technologies for diagnosing buried engineering structures, communications, road surfacing and foundation soils of main roads to prevent man-caused emergencies. Development of technologies and software systems for identifying railway and highway geometries and position data.

Research Certification and Diagnostics Centre
(Established in 1997 by Prof. V.V. Muraviev, Doctor of Technical Sciences) Development of methods and means for diagnostics and non-destructive inspection (ultrasonic and acoustic emissive) of transport technical units. System of training and certifying specialists in non-destructive inspection.

Research Promotional Certification Centre "Labor Safety"
(Established in 1998 by Prof. Ye. D. Chernov, Doctorof Technical Sciences) Railway enterprises' efficiency in labor safety. Job evaluation to check the compliance with the labor safety requirements.

"Technologies of Transport Machine-Building and Rolling Stock Repairs" research laboratory
(Established in 1965 by K.I. Tushinskaya, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor; currently headed by Prof. V.A. Aksenov, Doctor of Technical Sciences) Developing methods of increasing efficiency and extending the lifetime of elements and tribological units. Development of resource-saving technologies for repairing, strengthening and mechanical treatment of assembly units and rolling stock components.

"Economy of Transport" research laboratory
(Established in 1974 by Prof. I.E. Zhuravel, Doctor of Economic Sciences; currently headed by Prof. A.P. Dementiev, Candidate of Economic Sciences) Improvement of organizational structures of the railway economy and economic standards in the industry.

"Tunnels and the Underground" research laboratory
(Established in 1982 by Prof. A. K. Popravko, Candidate of Technical Sciences; currently headed by G.N. Polyankin, Assistance Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences) Designing, testing and maintaining tunnels and subways.

"Transport Information Technologies" research laboratory
(Established in 2003; currently headed by Prof. V.I. Khabarov, Doctor of Technical Sciences)
Theoretical aspects of decision-making support systems. Methods of model and transport units identification. Information controlling systems in transport. Intellectual corporate information systems in transport.

"Railway Track Testing" research laboratory
(Established in 1959 by Professors V G. Albrekhtand M. S. Bochenkov; currently headed by Prof. N.I. Karpushchenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences) Increasing railway safety and improvement of railway facilities operation in severe climate

"Building Structures" research laboratory
(Established in 1963 by G.I. Pirozhkov, Assistant Professor; currently headed by Prof. V.S. Kazarnovsky, Doctor of Technical Sciences)
Increasing field reliability of supporting and fencing structures of buildings. Methods of reconstruction of residential houses, public and manufacturing building structures.

"Assessment Methods of Permanent Way and Railway Structures Strength" research laboratory
(Established in 1964 by Prof. A.Ya. Aleksandrov, Doctor of technical Sciences, State Prize Winner; currently headed by Prof. M.Kh. Akhmetzyanov, Doctor of technical Sciences, State Prize Winner)
Development of experimental and numerical methods of investigating the construction mode of deformation. Evaluation of residual life time of transport elements (carriage wheels, axles, rails, etc.).

"Control of Snowdrifts, Avalanches and Erosion on Railways" research laboratory
(Established in 1963 by Prof. A. K. Dyunin, Doctor of Technical Sciences; at different time
headed by Prof. A.A.Komarov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, V.S. Matvienko, Assistant Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences; currently headed by Prof. A. L Isakov, Doctor of Technical Sciences)
Increasing efficiency and quality of design, construction and reconstruction of railways and highways in Siberia.

"Water Treatment and Chemistry" research group
(Headed by Prof. N.D. Artemenok, Doctor of Technical Sciences)
Specific features of designing, construction and exploitation of water supply, sewerage networks and structures in severe climatic conditions.

University Publishing Division
Research results are presented in scientific publications. Textbooks written by the University teachers are published annually (over 600 printing sheets)