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Dear friends,

Welcome to the Siberian Transport University, one of the leading technical schools in Russia in the transport industry. Having started as the Track Construction and Maintenance Institute of Railway Engineers, it has covered a long path of growth and development during its 75-year history and has become the largest educational centre of Siberia and the leader in the industry.

Being engaged in training and retraining highly-skilled specialists, in developing science-intensive technologies, the University has always contributed a lot to progressive change in the field of transport and transport construction, its staff’s achievements being known both inside and outside this country.

The University has recently become internationally famous: students and trainees from European and Asian countries come here to take academic courses. The University’s reputation is especially high in the East-Asian countries: the Korean People’s Democratic Republic, the Republic of Korea, Mongolia, the Chinese People’s Republic and Japan.

The STU is the University that is sure to lead you to success! We look forward to a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with you. Not just our doors, but our hearts as well are open for you.

Rector Aleksey Manakov