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STU partners


- Korean National University of Transportation (South Korea), 2001
- Korean Railroad Research Institute (South Korea), 2004 www.krri.re.kr
- Korean Railroad Research Institute


- Hokkai-Gakuen University (Japan), 2002 www.hokkai-t-u.ac.jp

- Beijing Transport University (China), 2006 www.bjtu.edu.cn/jg/jgws
- Chanchun University (China), 2009 www.ccu-edu.cn
- Shenyang Polytechnic University (China), 2009
- Dalian Transport University (China), 2009
- University of Binhai,Qingdao (China), 2009


University of Graz (Austria), 2009
-Czech Technical University (Prague, Czech Republic), 2011
-University of the West of Scotland, (Great Britain), 2001


- Ulan Bator Railway JSC (Mongolia), 2007
- Kazakhstan Railway JSC (Kazakhstan), 2007
- The Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications of Tynyshpayev, 2009

During the period from 2001 to 2017 STU established partnerships with the leading technical transport universities of the Asia-Pacific region, which indicates the growing prestige of the university and fame abroad.
At the center of attention of the development of international relations STU is the attraction of international resources to the university for the implementation of projects in educational and research activities, the development of international academic mobility of students and teachers, the scientific and technical exchange of experience and the expansion of the STU presence in regional and international public and information spaces, the internationalization of the educational process by increasing the share of export of educational services in the budget of the university.
Partnership Relations
“… at present, the most important task of the Russian higher school is its integration into the world education system as a necessary element of successful development in the modern conditions of the global market development…”
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